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South Sound 911 Communications Center


Kassel & Associates, Inc. is the continuation of the vision and accomplishments of Kassel Construction, Inc.  We are much the same company you have known since 1991, with a noteworthy exception.  The founder and sole owner of Kassel Construction, Inc., Richard M. Hoffmann, retired in 2008. Mr. Hoffmann chose to reward those who helped Kassel become the thriving company that it is today.


Beginning in September of 2009 Kassel & Associates, Inc. commenced operations with many of the same team members.  Our goals as a business have remained unchanged, to bid and build top quality public works projects on time and under budget, with an emphasis on worker safety.  This proven approach has been successful for Kassel Construction, Inc. for many years and it has now been successful for Kassel & Associates for many years.  We’re proud of what we have done, and we’re excited about what’s to come!

Bidding a Project



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