North City Elementary Campus Modernization
Contract Amount: $2,305,000
Modifications and reopening of elementary school.
Gateway Middle School Roof Replacement and HVAC Upgrades
Contract Amount: $3,430,000

Remove and replace existing composition shingle roofing. All demolition required for new work. Work includes but not limited to new gutters, flashing, roof accessories, removal of cupolas and dormers where shown on drawings, fall protection strap system, painting, and EIFS repair.  HVAC upgrades include but not limited to replacement of existing DDC system, cooling tower, air handler supply and return fans and associated VFD’s, improvements to hydronic heating and cooling system, modification to existing fire sprinkler system and balancing of the entire HVAC system.

BF Day & Gatewood Seismic Improvements
Contract Amount: $1,357,000
Provide strong back walls to existing unreinforced masonry bearing walls not meeting ASCE 31 prescriptive height to thickness ratios; redundant load path below existing beams and trusses supported by existing unreinforced masonry walls not meeting ASCE 31 prescriptive height to thickness ratios; positive connections between existing timber truss members at joints; positive connections between existing timber post and beams. Gatewood: Provide strong back walls to existing unreinforced masonry walls not meeting ASCE 31 prescriptive height to thickness ratios; positive connections between existing timber truss members at joints and wall anchorage at existing masonry wall to diaphragm.
Sehmel Homestead Park
Contract Amount: $1,185,000
All associated construction work for a 4,626 SF maintenance facility and a 1,067 SF public toilet.
WFP Operations Center
Seismic Upgrades-Chaplain Reservoir
Contract Amount: $697,000
Voluntary seismic retrofit of the City of Everett’s WFP Operations Building at the Chaplain Reservoir near Monroe, Washington. The project is limited primarily to the original 1980s portion of the WFP Operations Building and includes both structural and nonstructural measures for this facility. 
Echo Glen Children's Center
Kitchen & Commissary Upgrades
Contract Amount: $457,000
Kitchen hood replacement and soffit adjustment. Mechanical roof top units replacement; Dining Hall window replacement, VAT flooring removal and polishing existing concrete at Dining Hall, Entry Lobby & Kitchen Vestibule. Light fixtures replacement, display case, resurfacing door faces of casework at Entry Lobby. Repainting Dining Hall.
Green Hill - Birch Cottage Renovation
Contract Amount: $3,477,000
800 SF addition and approximately 10,000 SF renovation to existing cottage; a new outdoor recreation yard and plaza, and a new outdoor courtyard are being created.
U of W HS IPE Shop Phase 1
Contract Amount: $1,212,500
This project will create an integrated learning space for the UW’s six schools of Health Sciences and connec to the existing student study/lounge. The approximately 5,200 SF will include updated power and communications, movable tables and chairs, glass writing boards, updated mechanical and electrical systems, updated wall, ceiling and floor finishes and acoustical treatments, and minor structural work. The project also includes new aluminum office fronts.
B25 Academic Success Center
Highline College
Contract Amount: $1,237,000
Work includes selective demolition of flooring, walls, ceilings and MEP components. New work includes installation of non-bearing metal framed walls, new finishes at walls, floors and ceilings, casework, signage, presentation wall coverings, acoustical wall panels, and modifications to HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.
Silverdale Elementary School Addition and Modernization
Contract Amount: $13,403,903
Project includes complete site work, construction of a 2,000 SF addition and modernization of a 57,235 SF elementary school building.
Islander Middle School Replacement
Contract Amount: $35,760,733
Project includes demolition of existing gymnasium and construction of new 93,000 SF one and two-story school building.
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